Hello everyone and I am so sorry for not posting yesterday(well,if anyone noticed it).
Today I would like to let you know how I started watching anime and what some of my first anime were.
So,let's see what I have in store!!!(this was awkard)

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What my relationship with anime basically is

Sooo,if I recall correclty I started watching anime around March-April of 2015.This makes 2 years and some months now.How I was introduced to it?
Well,I have a friend who wanted to start watching anime and asked for recomendations from two of our classmates.Anyway,she coincidentally found an anime called Diabolik Lovers.Being a vampire fan,she fell in love with it and recommended it to me to check it out.Me,being the potato I am,thought "Why not give it a try?" and watched it.
OMG guys,I found myself so hooked I could not resist.Honestly.At that time I had watched the first season around 8-9 times and was impatiently waiting for the second one.
However,Diabolik Lovers was not the anime that made me say "Yeah,I am an anime fan"

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Diabolik Lovers,screenshot from the opening song "Mr.Sadistic Night"

And to be honest, now I am like "Wow,I was so tasteless then" because Diabolik Lovers has not any special plot;just handsome vampires.Not that I do not like concepts like that but plot is the most important factor in anime and Diabolik Lovers did not have it,especially in the second season.
Anyway,I am not here to write a review about this anime.
If I recall correctly,again,my second anime was Rosario+Vampire(I am not 100% sure though) and I remember myself laughing like crazy at times.Well,at that time I did not know that "harem" and "ecchi" were genres primarily focused on boys and men so although I found weird all this fanservice,I continued watching it(even after my friend told me the meaning of "harem" and "ecchi")because it was funny and a great anime to spend your time with.Plus,the graphics were kinda cute.

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Now,if I am not confused,Tokyo Ghoul was the third anime I watched(lol,I only remember the first 3 anime I watched)and it was the one that made me say "I will watch anime forever".Before you judge,Tokyo Ghoul season 1 is pretty well made and cool and quite the hooking thing.

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I shall agree with you,however, that the manga is way better because I have 11 volumes of it and have read them all and was amazed by how beautifully the characters were portrayed and the whole drawing and dialogue theme.However,this does not change the fact that Tokyo Ghoul wiil forever be in my heart as an anime that changed my life and me as a person.

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So,this was my little story on how I started watching anime and stick with it.Honeslty,I am grateful for the decision of watching Diabolik Lovers and Tokyo Ghoul later on because since then I have been rewarded with some awesome anime like Kuroko no Basket,Hunter x Hunter,Ouran High School Host Club and many many many more and,of course,they have helped me go through some difficult times...

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So,Anime is Love,Anime is laifu!!!!!!!!!