- "It isn't all my fault, you know? It's about the both of us."

I remember what I felt was everything I knew
at the time I was with you.

I felt. I felt emotions and emotions and nothing else was in my mind,
you were special, you were not just someone, you were one of a kind.
You were not like those people in the movies or people in the books,
it wasn't about your reputation nor about your looks.

It was the thing that made you different,
you were you - brutally funny, serious, deep, munificent
It wasn't magic, it wasn't mystery,
we were just us, it was just you and me.
I appreciated not the moments but the seconds I had with you,
I a world of our own, it was just us two.
I laughed about everything you've done and anything you've said,
you filled not only my heart, you captured my head.

Time was running fast and feelings changed fast, too,
the person you changed into - for me - was totally new.
We said a lot of things we didn't mean - and things we meant a lot
first I didn't want to but I realised I was odd.

Since then I met nobody who was a little bit like you ...
and the love which I had - it was the truest that I knew.

By: Alexiahihi/alexia.dreams
- a little weak, sorry for mistakes :D :)
Image: not mine again.