everybody is looking for a different not the overrated everyday look instead let me give out 5 different looks for different types of style.

fashion, aesthetic, and girl image girl, grunge, and style image adventure, look, and nature image kstyle, fashion, and cute image
number 1: the modest/elegant but simple look.
classic, fashion, and modern image classy, minimal, and minimalism image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image beauty, fashion, and black image
number 2: this look is more less modern in more strong and bold seems hard working and mature look to it.
asian, girl, and ulzzang image fashion, ulzzang, and kfashion image kfashion, ulzzang, and clothes image fashion, ulzzang, and ulzzang fashion image
number 3: so this look is more of a dope look and pretty much dope/hard in the paint look so yeah.
fashion, dress, and pink image fashion and dress image Image by SaysAysaY aphrodite image
number 4: this look is mostly beautiful dresses modest interesting look.
asian, casual, and fashion image fashion, clothes, and outfit image asian, fashion, and girl image asian, casual, and fashion image
number 4: this last look is a kind of similar to the first one.