I had the Best Summer of my life this year. It was the first summer I spent without H. I dreaded it, I thought I was going to be miserable but I wasn’t. I was the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s funny how circumstances and predicaments change you; I felt so much but now all I feel towards him is nothing. Honestly. I don’t feel anything anymore and that is the most peaceful feeling ever. I guess I’m finally free. I suppose my heart has finally given up. I didn’t notice how and when it all happened because I was too caught up in playing poker with my cousins, making oats for my dad, running errands with my mum and teaching math to my sister, dancing alone around the refrigerator light and gushing over Tom Holland.
One day it simply occurred to me that I hadn’t cried and felt sad for a long time. And then I thought of him. I thought of the guy who made me feel so happy and SO SAD for the longest time. And I did not feel a thing. Summer of 2017 went by without a single sight of him and it was everything I could’ve ever hoped for- I no longer care and I’m finally happy.