the title says it all . just gonna answer some questions honestly

1.first name ?
Amira ( means Princesse ^_^ )

2.middle name ?
i don't have one

3.birthday ?
06/10 ( october , 6th )

4.zodiac sign ?

5.favorite color ?
my top 3 : black , orange and aqua ( just trying to pick one favorite color stresses me out )

6.lucky number ?
i always go for 5 or 9 . mostly 5 ( random )

7.pets ?
not at the moment , but planning to get a kitten soon *.*

8.Where are you from ?

9.How tall are you ?
158 cm ( 5.1 foot ) little short :')

10.shoe size ?
38 (europe) 7 (us)

11.first pet's name ?
Yourendo , it was a cute little turtle but it sadly died :'( and eyes color ?
both dark brown .. boring i know friends ?
i mean i never really had one of those , like i have friends that i talk to but i never found a person that i can talk to about everything without being judged , i'm not anybody's favorite person

14.phobias ?
i have too many : dogs are on top of my list because when i was young i got chased by 2 dogs and while i was running away i slipped and fell on broken glass on the street and ever since i'm scared shitless from them
and big empty spaces , the ocean and sea , tiny closed spaces , heights and the dark

15.What am i listening to right now ?
Better Days by Hedley

16.ever been depressed ?
yeah , i used to cry myself to sleep every night , i was fat and people called me ugly names at school , they made me hate my own body and face , my uncle died and i had a lot going on , the worst part of it is that nobody knew about it , i never told anyone . but i'm better now , i've lost a lot of weight and excepted a lot of things and moved on

17.favorite quote ?
''The most attractive thing about you should have less to do with your face and body , and more to do with your heart and how you treat other people''

18.favorite band ?
Twenty One Pilots |-/

19.favorite season ?
winter ( i love wearing big comfy clothes , sitting near a window with a good book , a cup of hot tea and a blanket while it rains outside )

20.siblings ?
yeah ..1 big sister and 2 younger brothers ... god they're so annoying i wanna get married one day ?
yeah after i finish my studies and achieve my goals in my single life i wanna have kids one day ?
yeah but 3 max

23.favorite anime ?
i dunno ( currently watching death note )

24.favorite anime movie ?
wolf children made me cry

25.favorite song ?
coconut sharks in the water by Twenty One Pilots ( listen to it , it's so deep ) ...........jk

26.favorite movie ?
the fault in our stars

yeah i have one on my elbow , i got it when i was younger and running after my sister , she closed the door on my arm or night ?
night because conversations get deeper , far more sincere and genuine than they are at daytime ....i'm a night owl peeve ?
people chewing loudly

30.latest bruise ?
on my arm dunno where i got it from

if i get just one heart i will do a second part because even if nobody reads this or like it i had fun answering these