Nails are very important to me. I take care of them more than anything else, and I hate wearing fake nails! I tried them once and that was it, I hated the feeling of them.
so, I decided to fix my natural nails.
I naturally have strong nails (thank the heavens) and with extra care they turned out great!
(Pic above is actually of my natural nails)
I've never went to a salon to do my nails, but everyone sees them asks me about them :) so I decided to make this article (and what better website than WHI to post on it) about my nail routine, I hope you will find it helpful.

#1 Never wash the dishes without gloves
#2 File your nails weekly
#3 Don't trim your nails with scissors
#4 Don't use metal nail file
#5 Use an Acetone free remover to remove your nail polish
#6 Always remember to use a base coat before you apply your nail polish, specially if your nail polish is dark
#7 Don't cut your cuticles
#8 Use a top coat after your nail polish
#9 Moisturize your nails and skin around them daily
#10 Give your nails a break once in a while to breathe

I clean my nails with lemon to make them whiter.
I soak them in rose water.
I soak them in garlic and olive oil for about 15 minutes to make them stronger and to make the skin around them softer (You can rid off the smell by washing your hands with coffee).