forever is too long
of a time to be seen,
and other than the past,
it hasn't yet been

you cannot be sure
you know alright,
but what do you care
while it all seems so bright?

when laughs and love
float in the air
and friendship and fun
is your only real care

yet you always forget,
in the swirl of the moment,
that there always can be
an end to the enjoyment

the more important,
the blinder you get,
the mistier,
the dreamier and dewy-eyed, I bet

it gets so important
is now a piece of your heart,
a piece without which
not one day you could start

'i cannot imagine
what could separate us'
so we talked on and on,
without any doubt, thus

we didn't know
that all we spoke
in nearer future
would seem like a joke

because what broke us
was no boy,
it wasn't a job
and for sure no toy

it was yourselves
that broke us in the end,
that made me doubt
if i can still call you a friend