So, it's been a while since I've talked about you, or even thought about you.
I still can't understand where we started,
if we started,
and where we finished.
I trace all the steps in my mind,
from the moment we first talked
all the way to two months ago.
Everything is so confusing, I mean
I guess we went too fast
Or too slow
Or way too complicated.
All I remember is pieces
first: we used to chat everyday
second: I started liking you
third: we started hanging out
fourth: you hooked up with my friend
fifth: I tried to convince myself that in reality i didn't like you
sixth: you came back, all sweet and caring
seventh: i fell for you.
eighth: I guess you didn't felt the same
ninith: we slowly stopped talking
tenth: you were gone.

There were a few times that I knew I shouldn't be close to you.
So many times you gave me reasons to go.
But still, I stayed, till the last moment
till the last string of hope.

We never finished.
Maybe 'we' never existed

But in my head, we were everything
In my head you were going to be different

Guess not.

Until this day I don't know what happened
And probably I'll never know.

I know I'll move on eventually
I know I'll meet someone new
But I'll never forget
That you are my unfinished.