Hi, I want to show you a funny way to find your kind of movie depending on what astro sign you are. Hope you’ll enjoy!
( This is based on usual tastes and doesn’t work for everybody but it’s a useful think to know in case of date or movie night ;-) )

Aquarius (21jan-19Feb): If your sign is Aquarius then you’re probably more into science-fiction films with a lot of special effects. This sign assigned to intellectuals, geniuses and rebels. You probably like more independent films with a small audience.

Pisces (20feb-20March): If your sign is Pisces then you’re in search for evasion, you want to see a better world on your screen even if it must be fictive. Maybe a romantic story with for sure a happy ending because you love them!

Aries (21march-20April): If your sign is Aries then you need adrenaline. Gangster and war films are your type, you like car chase and good fights. But who doesn’t need a little action in their life?

Taurus (21april-21May): If your sign is Taurus, you’re a hard worker and when you take a break you like to see a good movie. So you like long masterpieces that took a lot time, money and effort to make.

Gemini (22may-21June): If your sign is Gemini, you like recent and interesting movies. You have an insightful mind and love to solve mysteries. You need a situational turnaround at the end to satisfy your mind.

Cancer (22june-22July): If Cancer is your sign then you probably like chilling at home on your couch. You will prefer staying comfortably at home rather than going to a new film. You like more movie about families and daily/ ordinary thinks.

Leo (23july-23Aug): If you’re a Leo then you prefer being watched than watch. You often criticize the actors and think you could do better. You’re a leader and a brave person so you prefer dramatic films. The Titanic could be in your top 10.

Virgo (24aug-23Sep): If Virgo is your sign, you spot every detail: costume, decor, production… You like to analyze every scene and every actor. That is why you like the biggest films.

Libra (24sep-23Oct): If your sign is Libra then you must be a sensitive person because your friends are fed up of always watching the same type of movie: Romantic!

Scorpio (24oct-22Nov): Your sign isn’t scared of anything. So you probably guest if your sign is Scorpio you are made for watching bloody scenes. Your type can be thrillers but some of you can also prefer more classic and a little more sensitive movies.

Sagittarius (23nov-21Dec): If your sign is Sagittarius than you like laughing a loooot! Your type of film is comedy, you can like a blockbuster are a crazy casting.

Capricorn (22dec-30Jan): If Capricorn is your sign then you don’t really care about the type of movie you will watch. The think that matter is that you know the actors and that you feel close to the characters. You also prefer classics.

Thanks for reading !