Well, first off all thank you for visiting my first article! My absolute biggest dream is to travel the world and expirience everything it has to offer, and by the looks of it, yours is too! so lets get into the first part of my one and only bucketlist.

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-go tenting in big tents on a mountain
-drive in a car without a roff with loud music
-sleep in a cupe on a train
-go on a train in Africa
-walk on the great wall

city, light, and sky image cities, lights, and tumblr image sky, travel, and sunset image girl, summer, and friends image

-have an apartment in a city
-live in a big city
-camp in an open van
-explore a jungle

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-get an A on an exam
-go swimming by a waterfall
-walk on a suspension bridge
-go tenting on a desertet island

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-celebrate new years eve in new york
-make a raft
-see big ben
-go swimming in an underwater cave

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-have a greenhouse
-go to a fair
-run as fast as you can trough an open field
-sit on a bridge over the highway

party, colors, and fun image travel, adventure, and grunge image alternative, friendship, and adventure image friends, summer, and sea image

-expirience the holi festival in India
-own a car
-sit in the back of a moving, roofless van
-jump from a cliff

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-drive trough the american desert
-hike a mountain on a desertet island
-rent a cabin on the mountain with friends
-get around in amsterdam on a bicykle

ocean, nature, and sea image beach, ocean, and sea image book, sea, and beach image flowers, nature, and pink image

-find a deserted beach
-see the pasific from the usa
-see the pasific from japan/australia
-go to the park on a gloomy day

sky, car, and night image girl, nature, and mountains image room, bedroom, and bed image Image by Private User

-drive around in the night
-go camping in the woods
-have a dormroom
-walk in the streets of a small european town