So, summer is over and school starts in literally less than a week but for me autumn starts actually in October because that’s when falls leaves. In September school starts again and for me this it the worst month of the year. I travel a lot in August (still working on those posts, to make them perfect), really exited to share them with you guys, but for now this is august favorites.

Movie:Forrest Gump
TV Show: Teen Wolf *final 10 episode 😦 *
Food: I eat this amazing chicken shawarma in this sick restaurant name Super Mama in Sibiu. And I’m not the person who usually eat a shawarma.
Songs: Back to you -Louis Tomlinson of course;Galway Girl-Ed Sheeran: More than you know-Axwell /\ Ingrosso
Make-up: Eyeliner
Clothes: I bought 2 hoodies from Bershka and I where them all the time
PS. That’s my back 😉

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