Have you been thinking about what to wear this autumn?

Or are you running around in "H&M" and "Forever 21"in pure panic?

Well, this outfits or garments might be the musthaves this autumn.

This autumn is all about focusing on the right outwear and making a nice overall palette in your outfit. I've personally been inspired by Korean fashion. The first style you'll see has a sense of luxury and simplicity. And the second one is a grungy one with a twist of elegance.

Aesthetic, nostalgic, minimalstic

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I've seen this style on a lot of pics, especially worn by Koreans on WHI and on Instagram. This season you should definitely put your focus onto key garments such as overzied knitwears, cardigans, sheers blouses and trenchcoats. Wear them with ankle long skirts or with a highwaisted ankel long jean, put into place with a basic leatherbelt. Trenchoats trenchoats trenchcoats! You should at least have two of these in earth colours such as nude, brown, black or grey, or for the bold one, - in peach? Why not match with your bae as well? Wear your trenchcoat with jeans, a white shirt with collar and a pear of black boots for a business-like look. For a casual day off, wear the same as above but change the white collar shirt into a striped or one-coloured turtleneck.
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This season I'm also in love with the structured blazer. Wear it as above or with highwaisted jeans. This outfit is extra flattering for people who have curves or are short. Ah, a bomber jacket can never be wrong! This season we'll see bomber jackets everywhere, wether you're grunge, aesthetic, elegant or casual. A bomber is a musthave. Having many bombers in different colours you can mix and match after mood, style or weather! Get one in glossy rosegold, a one with details from AEO or maybe as above, - in simple white? Wear it oversized and let it speak it's own story.
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Jumpers + Blouses = LOVE Jumpers and blouses are a must!!! This fall I want natural coloured jumpers with flower embroiderys and sheer blouses in light colours. Style your jumpers with a dark-blue or black jeans or go in real hard with vintage and wear a long floral dress underneath for extra warmth.
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Another musthave is the knee-length, sleeveless dress with spahetti-straps. As you can see, there's different styles of them. Buy the one you like the most. For work, go for a sophisticated one with patterns. Wear a simple turtle neck. Style with cropped jeans or wear the dress simply without any bottoms. For partytime get a red or a coral glossy one with a matching choker.
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To compliment your outfit use very simple accessories and makeup as the outfit has a very natural and soft palette. If you don't wear rings or necklaces, a pear of fluffy earrings will also make the look.
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These ones look very simple but luxurious and will make your look, look instantly polished. Go for a matte base with eyeshadows in coral, nudes, brown and grey. For the lip, use a lipbalm or a gloss and brush a blush across your cheeks to lift your face and give it a hint of colour.

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Another style I love (beside the aesthetic style) is the grunge, casual, "I couldn't care less style." It's supercool and beautiful. Even though you're wearing a full black outift you'll still be noticed. This falls musthaves are fishnets, over-overzied jumpers and windbreakers, chokers and of course - Dr Martens(or just regular boots or vans). But it's not just about these items that can make your look. This fall we are also going in with sheer fabrics, gold and lace. Make it grungy but classy!

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Oversized jumpers and jackets have gone totally viral and are ideal for cold weathers. For this season we're not just going in all black. Get a windbreaker in different colours such as blue, white and red. Remember to keep the rest of the outfit dark. Style as above; with highwaisted ripped jeans fishnets underneath, croptop and a cap. That will give you a badass but coherent look.

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Same goes for the oversized jumpers. This fall the jumper aren't just overzied but huge(xxl). Wear it as a dress and style it with two braids, sneakers and high socks.
This fall I'm aslo inspired by the 80's and 90's grunge. Flanell, black rock t-shirts, short denimskirts and leather belts are just a few of this inspirational garments.

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This are totally musthaves! Mix and match they way you like it. Don't forget the fishnets!
If you aren't a fan of the skirt in flanell then you should take a look at this skirt. A small denim one.

Style it with a croptop and a flanell shirt with buttons. For accesories pic a choker in own choice. For shoes pick a pear of boots and black high socks.

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The ultimate favorite looks of all time are this set. They are cool as hell and has the right colour. JUST LOVING IT!

Do you want to be able to be grunge but formal at work?
Or grunge but sexy and elegant at partytime?
Well keep on reading then!

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This is a pic from the runway that I've been thinking about. This season I want black velvet blazers, sheer black blouses and dresses for partytime with golden applications. Style them with chokers, black pumps, rings and many many earrings! This year I'm inspired by Korean grunge lovers who have a lot of holes in their ears, nose and lip. If you don't want to pierce yourself, it works totally fine to wear fake ones.

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For work wear a black velvet blazer. Accomplish your look by adding a thin belt around your waist to bring out your curves,- a pair of black cigarette pants or a pencil skirt,- a pair of black pumps and a thin choker. Go for a sleek knot or keep the hair wavy and soft by adding some mousse into your hair. By brushing the hair from the roots out to the end it creates a fresh and sleek base and it keeps in place. For makeup go for a winged eyeliner which you smudge out. Create then a soft smokey in black-ish, grey-ish tones. Keep the lip and the rest of the face simple

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For partyime or the red carpet, get yourself a dress like this. It's absolutely marvellous and luxurious!
I am defenitely looking forward to see more of these dresses. Totally a musthave!

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Style it with fishnets, a cool choker and a pair of conspicuous high heels.

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Another musthave is the sheer, tight shirts and bodys. You will totally rock when you wear one of these, alone or combined with other garments. Wear it under an oversized t-shirt with a pair of tight, black jeans for the ultimate Korean grunge style.

For makeup get a matte base with focus on the eyes. Mix a palette with brown, black and golden eyeshadows for nightime drama. Go all in with a black glitterlip or just lipglass. Let the hair be matte, crazy and free.

Of course you can style they way you want to. This article is just to give you inspiration. The way you dress can make a statement, politically, controversially, socially and religiously. It's a way of expressing yourself. Fashion and style can be exciting and overwhelming. Wear what you like to wear, and don't let anybody stop you from being simply you.
And rememeber: "We girls don't dress up for boys. We dress up to look oursleves in the mirror and be like 'u go gurrl'!


Also tips for some really good online stores, check them out if you're intrested in grunge, aesthetic, vintage and 80's and 90's fashion:




http://www.mvcvintage.com/ (not available now, as they are going through a makeover)
Owners Insta acc: https://www.instagram.com/robsongrl/



Hope you enjoyed or found this artciel helpful! Much love and thank you guys so so much for 1k! I just can't believe it!