play "Boys" by Charli XCX

You can say no to that sweet delicious treat. Eating it would be so easy and taste so good, but that chocolate or whatever it is you crave is a bittersweet bad boy.

Sure he seems desirable now, mouth-watering, but he'll break your heart. You'll forgive him, because you just can't imagine giving him up. But he's toxic. Poisonous. Drink water and stay pure of him. He's dazzling but he'll hurt you. You think you're the only one whose taste buds he's satisfied?
When your stomach growls, that's you wishing he'd pull you close and let him fill you up. But you're stronger than that. You know better. Put on some lipstick and cross your arms in triumph. Smirk at him, make him weak.
I know he's mouth-watering and you want to give in. All the other girls want the same thing. Let him ruin THEM.