🎬 Inception

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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

🎬 Split

split, horror, and movie image

🎬 Looper

gif, looper, and cartaz de filme image
Action, Crime

🎬 10 Thing I Hate About You
Heath Ledger 😢

10 things i hate about you, couple, and movie image
Comedy, Drama, Romance

🎬 Brokeback Mountain
Again Heath I know because he is-was- perfect

brokeback mountain, heath ledger, and jake gyllenhaal image
Drama, Romance

🎬 Memento

Christopher, memento, and pelicula image
Mystery, Thriller

🎬 A Beautiful Mind

a beautiful mind, caption, and gif image
Biography, Drama

🎬 The Thirteenth Floor

game, love, and reality image
Mystery, Sci-Fi

🎬 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

jack nicholson, one flew over, and the cuckoo's nest image

🎬 Against The Sun

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