Hello my lovely licornes ~

My skin is a very pale one with a cool undertone thanks to what picking a right foundation in our drugstores is a pure hell for me. Even the lightest shades are just too dark for me and I can´t work with them at all. But it doesn´t apply on korean BB creams! They have mostly at least two basic shades 21. and 23. For me, 21. is the best option. I ordered it in a 20 ml packaging, in a Light Pink Beige shade with a SPF25 and PA++.

Description and effects

BB cream is contained in a luxurious looking tube with a plastic cap. Thanks to its small packaging, you can easily carry it in your bag. Light Pink Beige shade is a light shade with a pink-grey undertone. Firstly I thought it will make some pinkish mask on my face, but it didn´t happen. Same as the Perfect Cover BB, this one adjusts completely to your skin tone too. It provides a light to medium coverage (it depends on its amount too of course) and it leaves the skin with a natural glow. I have to say that even my skin is an oily one, I don´t mind this additional glow at all. I don´t matte or fix it with any powder. But I admit that some people don´t have to like it.

ince it´s "only" the BB cream, don´t expect a real full coverage from it. On the other side I think it has a pretty decent coverage even if it´s "only" the BB cream. It has a sweet and fresh fine scent which doesn´t bother me at all. I haven´t noticed any alergic reactions or other irritations on my skin knock *knock*. On the skin it lasts above six hours without fading! Lasting effect is just incredible!

What does manufacturer say?

Except the effects described above, this BB cream should provide your skin also whitening effect and anti-aging effect. Product is a hypoallegenic one, non-comedogenic one, it doesn´t contain any parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, GMOs, Triclosan or Benzophenone. It´s more than suited for a sensitive or troubled skin. Its composition should contain 50 natural extracts and peptides which provide a moisturizing and nourishing effects.

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