Hello! My name is Morgan and I have had this weheartit since 2014 from what I can remember. I am so thankful for this new feature because now all of you can get to know me a little better! Now to get started with that! I am from the United States.

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I'll talk more about Chanyeol, so wait around if you'd like to know how much he means to me and how he has changd my life.

When I first started this account I used it for looking at clothes, for more of window shopping of clothes and other things I can't have haha but who doesn't do that from time to time? I would spend hours at a time doing that then decided I was going to expand what I looked at by looking at other things I was interested in.

Now let me explain what I mostly use this for, I am a Baekhyun role player on Instagram and so this is my to go spot for whenever I want to post, I even have a collection I started to save future posts and things I have posted on there already (I will put a link so you can take a look!)

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His mullet, I'm screaming D:

I'm a well known Baekhyun role player on Instagram, if any of you do role play on Instagram you're welcome to befriend me!

This is where all of my posts/future posts go, my username is Barkhyunee on Instagram (:

To bring this almost to an end, I will link some of my more popular albums so you can take a look at them & then close it with my love for Chanyeol <3

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Even though I role play Baekhyun, this guy has been my #1 since 2011 before EXO debuted, even though I do listen to other groups never has a kpop idol ever caught as much of my heart as he did. There is just such a bright spark about him and I love how positive he is. He goes through so much and you would have no idea because he is always smiling. That's not the only reason, but he is also my twin when it comes to personality and we both share a lot in common. I just love this man with everything I am and nothing has ever made me change my mind otherwise. Everyone has that one piece of light or happiness that makes them happy and he is that to me. Thanks to him, my life has become so much brighter.

If you have read all of this, you're amazing and keep being beautiful <3
Much love- Morgan