Hi guys !
I'm doing an article to help people who are in need of help.
I am bipolar. I have anxiety and panic attacks. I know depression. I've lived it.
And still am! But I am doing better now.
First of all, the bipolars have 2 states.

Manic Episode

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Yep, the manic episode isn't fun. At all. To all the people who're gonna say "omg you're so lucky bc u're happy !!!"
NO. It's extremely difficult, we don't control our emotions. You will see us "happy" or "hysterical". But we don't realise it.
I've spent tons and tons of money on silly stuff, but also expensive clothes. And of course, partying all the time.

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Looks fun right?
But when this episode ends, here comes something else...


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Yep. That's the chock. You have now realised all the things you did.
All the money you spent. How you've treated people, because when you're in a manic episode, you feel superior. And everything falls.
I remember, I couldn't sleep, eat, or do anything.
Nobody understood me.
It was rock bottom.

During 19 years, I couldn't understand what was happening to me.
So one day, I took my courage and saw a psychiatrist.
You will need someone. The doctor will listen to you, and will treat you.
You are not a freak. Your brain is just different, that's all.

And, with the right treatment...

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You will get better. Everyday is a challenge. The medication is hard, but here to help you.
You can do it.

- July