Hi guys
sorry about the title i know its kind of hard but its true . But i had so many friends and non of them were that close except for one .
she was my friend for 10 years! and she stopped talking to me when i got into a really good collage and she couldn't .At first when i send her a message she waits a few hours until she reply and i kept getting angry asking her why are you doing this and she kept saying 'oh, i have always been like that i usually take my time'!!!!!! and i was like 'i know you for so many years you have never been like this !!!' i tried so hard to make it work and now we stopped talking . i seriously dont know what happened she knows everything about me and i know so much about her too. i seriously thought we are going to be friends for ever and now she talks crap about me in front others ! which makes me so sad that i wasted that much time on a friend like that !!!
my advice to you guys dont let anyone get too close to you
you will get back stabbed !!!