The most important thing that decides weather we are happy or not, lies beneath us and nowhere else. That why it's the most dificult thing for us to recognize, we search for it in all the wrong places. I want to give you directions to your own seventh heaven.

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Point 1
I can't stress enough how important it is to posses this one thing. Without it, anything you do will not matter that much, you'll make sooo many mistakes by trying to find it in all the bad places. When it's closer than you'd ever imagine.

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Start --> Document the moments you feel most alive and in love with yourself, what are you doing, what are you wearing, listening - recreate and repeat .
That one thing which makes any person indestructible is self-love.
No one taught us how to love ourselfs, all we heard was ''be like this, that's not appropriate, change this, I give up, I don't love you'' And love that made us warm, just rushed away with those people, left us freezing and aching.
But no, the love we give ourselfs always is with us and it never goes away, it lights us on fire and never burns out, as long as we cherish it.
Next, how to listen to yourself, not other people.

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Point 2

Dealing with toxic people

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The world only exists you your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want, and that how you decide if someones judgment of you really matters or not. You can't choose what happens to you, but you are in control of your actions. Your actions should reflect only what benefits for you. Never let one thing bother you for too long, past is in the past, and it's valuable lession. Don't be upset with the people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction ! :) Your peace is important, your happiness, you .

Point 3
The ship is always save at shore, but that isn't what it's made for.
Go out there, put youself in the world. It's not your room that's prison, it's your mind, be free of that. Never be afraid to be alone, that's how you will learn to understand yourself, that's how you'll fall in love with all your flaws. Look at them from all the angles, know your best self, and even create a strong personality, caring heart and never stop doing that. Never underestimate the investment you make in youself.

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Point 4
Work on yourself !
Say more often "I believe in myself'' Give yourselfs a little time off from romance. Get your priorities straight and standards high. If you're sad about a guy or a girl, remember there is always a reason why it is the way it is. If they showed you how to get lost, you should show yourself how to get found. Love youself first.
Eat healthy, so that you will feel not only healthy in your mind, but in your body.
Do some sport, or just take a long walks with your favorite songs in your ears. Remember how good it feels to feel alive and how amazing it is to put youself first.

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Time to seat your goals and shine !

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