Hello! This article is about the new generation of beauty, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. I love her, her music and style too so much, she's an icon. I really wanted to write an article but had no idea about what. Maybe someone've written already about this and I would gladly read it/them so if you want, send me yours.

Let's start with the foundation. I love the different shades, that you can find the perfect shade to your skin. Also I love how it looks like.

fenty beauty and rihanna image

The final thing is the highlighter what is honestly the most brightest highlighter I've ever seen. (sounds dramatic but this is the truth)

highlighter, makeup aesthetic, and creme highlighter image

I think this is the end of the article, I know it's short but I also planned this like this. Also I really love to read articles, thanks We Heart It for making it and give us opportunity to be more creative and to get to know each other.