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So when going back to school I feel like there's an internal battle between the good sides of school such as the routine that helps you be productive, always seeing your friends and also the impending reminder of the stress you may feel during exam season etc. etc. I think both arguments are indeed right, but starting to school while thinking of the possible bad sides aren't going to help you make the best start! So here are some questions you can ask yourself at any time of the year to give school a meaning for you and for you to evaluate why you may have some troubles. A lot of these are about studying, you can think about whichever ones you like. If you want you can send me your answers, I would love to hear them!!! Otherwise you can write them down somewhere to come back to them in the year or just answer them mentally!

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  • What are you truly excited about? What makes you think "You know maybe school isn't that bad..."?
  • What are some of your studying essentials?
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  • What are you proud of yourself for? Write as many as you want! It won't make you egotistical!
  • What are your study habits, and routines?
  • What are your favourite quotes? Write these in random places in your notebooks or binders so that when you see them it's like a cute lil' reminder!
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  • What three things do you want to remind your anxious or stressed out self while you're calm right now?
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  • How do you want to have a mental health day? Do you want to read a book? Watch a movie? Have a DIY Spa?
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  • What is your favourite Studying Snack? Something preferably healthy that will keep you going I hope!
  • What is your single favourite aspect of school?
  • What is your favourite way to take a break while studying? (Remember to take a ten-minute break every 30 mins!!!)
  • What motivates you to learn? What is your dream that makes you excited whenever you think about it?
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  • What is your favourite study spot? (Remember: You shouldn't study on your bed or in your kitchen if possible)
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  • What's your biggest fear? Acknowledge it and think about it but don't let it take over you.
  • Will you be making any changes to your note taking system? How does your current one work out?
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  • How will your workspace look?
  • What are your goals for the semester? Write them down and hang them somewhere you can see every day!

So these are some questions you can ask to see where you stand, what you can improve or some steps to take. I hope these were somewhat helpful!

Note: I wrote these questions down from various sources a few weeks ago, so most of these aren't originally mine. Although I don't have the sources, I would still like to give them their credit.