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There are two different ways I deal with my problems and that make me feel better about myself:
First: Distraction - You should only distract yourself if you cannot change anything about your current situation at the moment. For example if you went through a Breakup and you know for sure, you're not going to get back together for whatever reason, but you still don't feel well because of the hurt the end of the relationship caused. What I do to distract myself:

1) Read. Especially fiction. Books can make you travel into a whole different world, where you will not have time to think about your own misery.

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2) Make up own fictional stories in your head. This especially helps before going to bed. My mind always shifts to what I don't want to think about and when this happens I just lay with closed eyes and concentrate on a made up story that can be of any kind. It's fun, you should try it.

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3) Listen to an interesting Podcast. You can easily do this with your phone anywhere and anytime. You could listen to any topic you can think of until you fall asleep or just feel better.

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4) Watch comedy content on YouTube or watch TV. I prefer YouTube tho.

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5) Find new music to listen to. This always makes my mood go up and you can listen to your new playlist on the bus ride, in bed or while getting ready.

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Second: Reflection - If you know you can change what makes you worry and overthink, then do something to analyse the problem in order for you to be able to change it. What I do to find out is:

1) Write in a Journal. You can get very creative with this one. Write about what exactly bothers you, why it bothers you and what you possibly could do to make your situation any better. Having it down on paper can clear and organize your thoughts so you can easily see what exactly is the issue.

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2) Make a To-Do-List. This is similar to journaling because it also helps to organize your thoughts. You can make yourself a better overview about your responsibilities.

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What kinda fits both categories, because it can better your mood and help you progress:
#Talk to somebody on the Phone (about anything or about your issue so they can help you with it).
#Go out to eat with friends.
#Read inspirational Quotes on WeHeartIt.

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***Remember that the worries will eventually go away.***