Hello, dear people! :)

This is the second quote that I'm going to share my thoughts about.

To be honest, at first I didn't really get the meaning of this quote. I was wondering: "Why is my life dead? Wtf?" Then, I asked my sister (because it was Her who gave me a big jar full of similar thoughts and quotes :*), and she replied: "Think about it. Your life is gone. The things you've already experienced are gone. This means, every moment is the present, every moment can be a new start, a new beginning. Because the past has already passed."

So yeah, I now understand, and love this quote. Because that's how we ALL should feel and think. I know people who are already desperate because they don't know what to study or don't know what they are interested in and don't know what to work etc... Like omg you're only 20. You've probably lived 1/4 of your life so far. Don't you DARE to be such a hopeless cunt! I mean I know, I'm having it easy because I know I'm interested in nutrition and shit so I'm gonna study nutrition science, but man... EVERYONE likes to do something. What is it? Think about it. I also know some people who actually KNOW what they are interested in, but constantly say: "Oooh nah, I'm too lazy for studying or going to college". OMFG. People, we all have to realize that we have to DO something about the things we want to get or achieve. And also, we have to think about that we are fucking privileged being able to go to school and college, because in sooo freaking many countries, people just can't.

Oh okay, I think I got a bit too far from the actual meaning of the quote. To cut it short, I just want to add that, life might seem hopeless at times. Life might seem unfair and shitty, but it's all just a phase, whether it's 4 months or 4 years. Don't be some crying pussies, okay? You can always start new. You can end things and start off differently. You CAN do it. Why? Because you believe in yourself. Because you are strong and don't care what people will think and say. Because you're NOT afraid, but courageous! Okay, enough from my motivational speech. I'm just gonna live with the slogan of Nike: Just do it!

PS: What a genius woman you are, Byron Katie. Thank you.

See you soon, love y'all! <3