Happy Friday people! Hope you´re having a good day.

Today I´m going to share with you my tips for having cute and organized notes. I have search FOR YEARS to that secret formula that can make our school notes as beautiful as the WHI ones. And now, even though it might no be a perfect one, I have my own formula to make my notes cute, colorful and organized, and I will be happy to show them to you.

Hope you like it :)

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Tip # 1
I recomend using a large grid notebook or a stripped one, it will make a difference on your calligraphy.

Tip # 2
Make your calligraphy (handwritting) tinier than the size of the square or the row size. This way it will look better.

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Tip # 3
Use two colors for every note you make, one for the actual note and another one for titles, important words and other stuff. I recommend using black for the actual note because it looks good with any color.

Tip # 4
Write your titles, subtitles, keys, arrows, important words and underline with the color I mentioned on tip 3. That way, it won´t blend with the information and it will look pretty.

Tip # 5
Use pens with fine point and that NOT transfer to the other side of your sheet. Otherwise, it will make your notes difficult to read because of the notes on other side.

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Tip # 6
Learn to do cursive letter or another type of calligraphy so you can use it exclusively to titles and subtitles.

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Now, for the ACTUAL NOTES and not just decoration:

Tip # 7
It´s important to know the way your teacher works. Does him/her like to write the notes on the board so you can copy it? Does him/her like just to talk for you to catch what you need?

Tip # 8
Once you know this, you can plan your classes and notes. If the teacher is going to write the notes on the board, try to find a way to make them colorful and cute (it will be easier for you to study).

Tip # 9
If you have a teacher that prefers to talk for you to catch the information, learn to difference the important information from the stories, non-interested examples and other secondary information.

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Tip # 10
If you like to write almost everything, try to write faster without losing the good calligraphy so you don´t loose information. You can practice at home or you can buy a calligraphy book.

Tip # 11
If tip # 10 doesn´t work for you, you can always ask your teacher if you can bring and ipad or laptop to take notes and then writhe them
on your notebook. You can also, record the class.

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Hope this can help someone to improve on their notes or make them prettier!

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