Hey Stars,
Today a new article about things that I love and I kind of can't life with it.

1. Fjallraven Kanken bag
So I think you might know what bag I mean because a lot of people have that bag. At a lot of things that a lot of people have I kind of hate because it is not special anymore (you know what I mean?) But I'm so in love with this. I have the deep red one. Love it to the moon and back.

2. Disney movies
Some people are kind of childish if it comes to movies. Yeah I'm that person. I just love Disney Movies and Disney things. I also watch kind of Hungergames movies but Disney stays at number one.

3. Music
I can't sing or play any instrument but I love to listen to music. I'm a Directioner (fan of One Direction) and I listen a lot of the music of One Direction but I'm beginning to listen more to classical music. Yeah I also like pop music.

4. Books
I'm in love with reading. I have a e-reader but I like a 'normal' book better. I like the smell of it (yeah weird) and to hold it. But if I go to vacation I like more a e-reader. But I'm still more in love with 'normal' books.

5. Sunflowers
I am so freaking in love with this. It's kind of my favorite thing on earth. Honesty at home I don't have them that much because they don't smell that well (that's what my mother says and she is right)

So this are the things I like. I like more things but yeah. Hope you liked it.

Big hug,