We live in world, where you can´t be yourself, because people will judge you.
We live in world, where you can´t say what you want, because people will kill you.
There is no respect. If you are not what people need you to be, you are weird, psycho and outsider.
I was scared. I was afraid, that I am not like others. I didn´t have my own opinion. I dressed like everyone else, I listened to songs like everyone else around me. Because I was scared that they might kick me out of our group. So I was like everyone else and I had no confidence, I literally had nothing. But I was happy, that I am like others and I FIT IN.
A 4 months ago, I realized something. I DON´T WANT TO FIT IN. And I want to be myself. With my own opinions, my own style. That I want to be different.
Once, in my class, my classmates were arguing about school trip. And I told them my opinion. Like, all my high school life I usually didn´t say what I wanted. And that day, I did. It felt sooo good. My hands were shaking, but I really liked that feeling. I felt so free. Like a bird. I took a deep breath and I just told it. I finally told what I want and I was so happy and proud about myself.

And I started to buy different clothes. Not basic shirts, hoodies and jeans. I felt so unconfident when I wear this type of clothes. I started to shop in different shops. Because, in the nearest town, there is New Yorker and Gate, and I think these shops are not good. There are high prices for nothing. And everyone who lives in or around this town wears clothes from there. And for me it was not a good feeling, when I walked through a hallway in school and I saw three people who wore exact same shirt that I had.
I feel so good now, because I am not afraid to have my own opinion and tell it, I am not afraid to wear what I want.