For those of you who are aware of the strainous task of travelling by local trains to reach their destination everyday, be it office or college, know what I am talking about. That struggle to reach the platform in time. The struggle to get in the train. The struggle to fight for a breath of fresh air inside because its so crowded, or the struggle to even sit.

But the thing which gives me most of my adrenaline kicks is catching the train in time, with just a minute or two to spare. I am a very punctual person so this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I actually get a kick out of it.

I am not a person who checks the M-Indicator to check the schedules, I just wing it and today was one of those days where I had two minutes to spare and had my train depart from Platform 10 in two minutes. I was wearing three inch heels.

So I ran. While I was running, I had thoughts of letting it go,
-there is another train
– I am in heels
-there are too many people
– I don’t want to get to the platform and watch it just leave 2seconds before I reached, etc.
But I didn’t let that deter me. The thought of reaching my college exactly when I planned to, and the adrenaline to run and catch the train, the Feeling of Satisfaction which ensues kept me going.
And guess what? I GOT THE TRAIN!
This particular aspect of my life always manages to motivate me in its own little way.
Your train journey is your life. There are many stops and many people around, some friendly faces, some strangers, some acquaintances. And the struggle to catch the train in time is the struggle to reach your destination, to achieve your goals.
You can tell yourself, there is always another chance, like another train, or you can say, ”Screw it”, and run like hell.
There will be frustration and doubt, but don’t let that deter you. You won’t feel like you can make it in time, or make it at all, but you should always keep going, keep running, and run like hell.
And this doesn’t mean that the train journey itself is going to be easy. Your lungs will be on fire, your calves will feel like you attached bricks to them(thanks, heels.) but what matters is, you are on it. You are in the train. Its difficult, its tiring, its frustrating, but you’re on your way and that’s what matters the most. That in some time, you will reach your destination.

The feeling of satisfaction and that huge smile on my face when I get it makes me so happy. I breathe in a lung full of air and begin my journey. Another day, another moment, another challenge. The key is to not give up. There will be frustration, there will be laziness, there will be days, even months, where you won’t feel like doing anything, or you will be haunted with doubt, but no matter what, you need to keep moving. Just don’t give up because that feeling of satisfaction is worth it all.

Run like hell.