I just want to end it. Who can relate? I feel like i aint got anything to live for anymore, people dont care. Nobody really does. Its me against everything and if im depressed and want to get help its either " snap out of it, go do something ". I just wanna kill myself. I got no one to turn to that actually listen, to understand. I dont want to rise in the mornings, i dont want to go out with friends, not that i have many. I dont want to eat. I cant sleep. Im angry all the time. I snap at people and i want to hurt myself.

Life right now is just too much for me. Theres just nothing to live for and everything sucks. Life is just pain. They say every life is precious and yet nobody cares about mine.

Im suicidal, im depressed, im overly paranoid and anxious and everything is turned against me. I just want to be gone. I just dont want to exist anymore. I feel like my life aint mine. I just want to die. Im sorry.

For people who goes trough similar. Youre loved. Youre important. You can get trough this. Youre a strong, wonderful person. Please get help if you need it. Don't end up like me, dont kill yourself.