Such a random thing, isn't it? Like, everyone aims to achieve this as the most valuable treasure of their life.
Some of us know how to deal with it, others do not.
Some of us fight for it their entire life, others just cry over the lack of it.
The thing is, 'freedom' is actually a free notion itself. That means, everyone can built up their own kind of happines: through music, arts, nature, traveling, reading good books, meeting new inspiring people and all these little things, plus many others, which seem usual, but are definitely the true key to real and most lasting joy.
So, once you learn to look more around you and start noticing the great beauty hiding all over there, you slowly get to fill your soul with good vibes and positive energy. All these are slowly connecting you with your honest self; all these start making you feel as good as a flying bird.
A flying bird looks happy, right?
Remember, you can reach that level too.
Just set free.