So I´m going to talk about something that I know most people struggle with. Self-esteem.
As long as I can remember I´ve never found myself pretty not even close to that. I´ve always been a really shy person, I remember when I was still in kindergarden I used to sit alone because the other girls found me strange and unusual for being way to quiet.
I´m still working on embracing my shyness, I´m still working on a lot of things to be honest but mostly I´m working on loving myself because I know I will not be able to embrace shyness if I don´t love myself.
Everytime I scroll through instagram and see all those pretty girls I just wanna be like them, I wanna look like them and I think ´´Why did God made me this way? Why can´t I be as pretty as them?´´, and there is always those nights when everything, EVERYTHING, just hits me like a truck and I feel like I´m not worth anything.
Right now all I can do is wish that one day I will finally embrace who I am, why I´m here and my true worth.
If you are struggling with anything or if you are going through the same things that I am, I just want to let you know that this whole thing is just a blip. We´re gonna get better.