Do you ever feel like the time is going too fast while you're falling behind and that makes you really stressed?
Maybe the world nowdays is a little too frantic, we are always busy or worried about what we have to do, be as productive as possible, reaching goals.
So, this article is addressed to those people who feel the need to have everything under control, organise everything, keep journals and calendars to costantly update their mental map.
Well, even if being a workaholic can make you feel like powerful and a super organised and busy person, sometimes you just feel tired and wantless and that's ok.
I'm pretty sure you've experienced that feel of being useless and upset when you don't exactly respect your to-do list.
You're aware of your maniacal behavior but you don't know how to help it, so you end up again in the same situations.
You don't have to costantly feel this pressure, but you have to take some day of totally relax and self care. That's sacred!

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Here is a list of the things you can do to distract yourself and to benefit from your well-deserved rest:

⚫ Get a skincare;

⚫ Watch that damn movie you've postponed so many times;

⚫ Go jogging, do some workout;

⚫ Hang out with your friends group;

⚫ Write down what's going on your head, express your feelings;

⚫ Practice meditation and mindfulness;

⚫ Take a walk in the nature;

⚫ Enjoy the silence.

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