Hello my dear friends! Hope you have a nice day. I've always wanted to meet you and now I can finally do it. I would be very happy if you will send me a message because I like making new friends all over the world so please feel free about that <3

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So... My name is Stela Borojević and I'm from Croatia. I'm 18 years old and I'm going to college to study building (associated with architecture). I like drawing, listening to music, watching movies and series, sleeping and eating. My favourite seria is 'The 100'. My b-day is 3.2. and I am aquarius.

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I have a boyfriend and he is also my best friend. Love him so much. My favourite color is black. I'm blond (as you can see in the peacture) and I wear glasses. I love fashion and makeup a lot. I have a dog and his name is Arči.

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Thank you for reading and see you soon!

xxx, Stela <3