FriHi! It is Lea once again! It has been a week since I wrote about my depression on WE HEART IT. Believe me I have never been happier hehe. My article got over 1400 likes! Can you believe how huge this is for me? Its over 1000 people who know about my depression now! So I hope we can make this a thing now where you (my followers) read things I write and continue with the same amount of views because I enjoy writing a lot.
So I said I will be writing FLASH BACK FRIDAYS w/ LEA every Friday so here we are. It will usually be only one story but for today as a first time I actually have 2 of them.
My first story will be a flashback when I first met Aniqua.
So Aniqua and I met 3 years ago. We were going from 6th to 7th grade, and I found out over a girl from my ex class ( name her Laura), that Aniqua is switching schools and she is coming to our class. I was so happy to hear that! We were a class of 18 kids and only 5 girls. One more was perfect! I decided to be that one kid that is a know-it-all and text her! "Hey you are coming to our class right? Omg yes I cant wait to meet you! AH Maybe we should go out before the school starts!" She and I instantly clicked and decided to go out. It was 14th of August when I actually met Aniqua for the first time! I was out with my friends that also knew her, and she came with one of her best friends. We instantly started laughing and clicked, and we went to this place called Hartera. Aniqua and I were burping and farting together and basically dying out of laughter <3 Aniqua was emo at the time. She had depression and was really suicidal, used to cut herself and I was so happy that I found her in time, and helped her trough her journey where she found the real self and got out of that ugly depression. I am really proud of her and yesterday I actually made up with her and we are not in a fight anymore. I am really happy because of that.
Second story I have today is how somebody stabbed another man in front of me. This actually happened two days ago on Wednesday when I was going home from my act class. I was going trough this street and a man was walking towards me and I thought he is drunk. As soon as I passed him I saw a pool of blood on the floor and i when I turned around I saw blood basically pouring out of him. I holed myself not to puke when he turned around and started limping towards me again. In that moment two adult women and a man came and stood next to me, and a boy from my act class that is only 10 years old and I pulled him behind me. Man that was stabbed asked me to call a number from his phone but he could not even open it because of all of the blood on his fingers. A woman asked him then to call the ambulance and he said no! And the best part then he left towards the coffee shop. In that moment a nine year old girl came and started crying how she has to walk her dog and she is scared now and she needs to come to her mum who was guess where? In that same coffee shop. I decided to calm the girl down and went to bring her to her mother and she was so terrified. Those two adult women later on called the police and I am not sure what happened to that man later.
That is all I have for you guys today! I will link my past article down there so if you have not read it please click and sure do! You can always leave me a positive postcard and a note if you have something you would like me to write about because I would like to write about some serious matters also. Send me a postcard with witch one of peoples names I will list you want me to have a flash back with next Friday!!
( Juliet Aniqua Drew Toni Lola Katherine or someone else I have not mentioned yet! )
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