=> He is talented. He can rap & write songs like no other. His lyrics always touch me (no kidding even illest b*tch made me feel things).

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=> Even though he isn't the best dancer, he works hard to get better. He would do anything not to disappoint his fans.

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=> He is the greatest leader. He ALWAYS takes care of the members and you can clearly see that he loves them so so much.

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=> Some people see him as ugly.. but for me he is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. He is handsome, cute, sexy.. the WHOLE package.

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=> A very charming person indeed.... but also.. A living meme.

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=> He shows so so much love to us, armies. Whenever recieving an award he ALWAYS mentions us, thanks us.. Makes us feel like a family.

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=> He is incredibly smart and open minded. He isn't afraid to voice his oppinions, he always tries to spread a possitive message to his fans.

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=> This being said, Namjoon is one of the people I respect and love the most. He is not only my bias in BTS but also a role model for me and I'm so sad to see that he is underappreciated most of the time (i'm glad that it's much better now than it was in the past). I made this post because I wanted to show my love and my appreciation for him but I'm also hoping to show those who don't know just some of the reasons why Namjoon is worthy of being loved. Thank you all for reading!