so, i decided it would be cool if i made a chill, take me to wonderland type of thing, so yeah.

1. lay down - son little.

i die a lil every time i listen to this song- his voice is holy.

2. idontwannabeyouanymore - billie eilish.

fukin kween, babygirl only fifteen and sounds like a motherfukin angel, also love the message behind the song.

3. at last - etta james.


4. i'd rather go blind - etta james.

im actually crying rn (also go listen to dua lipa's cover this song, so damn good)

5. moonlight - ariana grande.

honestly this song shook me the most from all the songs on dangerous woman. (btw ariana's gonna be on this list a couple of times)

6. just a little bit of your heart - ariana grande

i fucking love harry for writing this damn song, always get me in the fucking feels, im crying now smh

7. daydreamin' - ariana grande

such an underrated song ffs

8. love - lana del rey

makes me feel like im floating (lana's gonna be here more than once also)

9. pretty when you cry - lana del rey


10. teen idle - marina and the diamonds

i love her sm court - lorde

i dunno why this song makes me feel so much

12. fools - troye sivan

ugh ugh ugh

13. angels - the xx


14. somebody else - the 1975

i just love everything about this song dammit

15. 505 - arctic monkeys

i love i love i love i love i love i love i love

16. the other woman - lana del rey

i cri

17. bored - billie eilish

:( sadly relatable

18. six feet under - billie eilish

the second this song comes on i start panicking cause ik its gonna stab me in the mf heart ok

19. ocean eyes - billie eilish

i tried doing the no faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair part but i ran out of breath and almost died so

20. watch - billie eilish


21. such a boy - astrid s

i luv her voice so muchhhhh

22. hurts so good - astrid s

i remember listening to this song before even knowing who astrid s was

23. girls your age - transviolet

this song reminds me of so many fanfics i have read in the past lmao

24. sorry - halsey

her voice is so calming

25. camouflage - selena gomez

wow wtf so good im crying real jesus tears

26. kill em with kindness (acoustic) - selena gomez

pls dont hurt me like this

27. wildest dreams - taylor swift

this song makes me want to rip my heart out of my chest and hand it to taylor

this is all i have for now
might add a part two tho

bye ducks