Identity is the name of the game. Whoever plays it best gets to walk away with her heart intact.

During their evening meetings, mostly held during those ungodly hours, they sit down as the council of elders (Njuri Ncheke of the Ameru people) and go through the progress of their party during the brief period of time they had not had this sessions. Their party is known as the famous Gossip Party. They call themselves the creme de la creme. I also assume they call themselves the righteous ones because according to their sessions which I unknowingly attended once, it is the simple case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The meeting is called by the chair-lady who according to the Universal unwritten code of conduct is nothing as the title she bears. She starts with a friend of hers. "I saw her at the market today, dressed like a common prostitute parading herself in front of the men who work in John's construction site. She is selling her body to the highest bidder while convincing her husband back at home that she got work hawking sweet potatoes at the Commercial Stage for matatus. All this time, what keeps running in my mind is the probability of her choking because she can't seem to catch a breathe. Luckily enough, I think God hears my silent prayer and they all laugh loudly while high-fiving one another.

This goes on for quite a while and through this open forum of people's lives I get to know more about our mutual friends. I learn of another friend of ours who caught the unspoken of disease and was chased away by her husband despite the fact that it was the husband who transmitted this disease to her. Oh sorry for getting ahead of myself, the disease they are talking about is Syphilis.

Through this forum of theirs, I learnt that the society we live in has taught us that we would rather be caught talking about one another instead of educating one another on how sexual transmitted infections (the unspoken of diseases) can be treated. Or even how they can be prevented. I also learnt that we are very quick to play judge and jury to the people we call our friends. Well enough of my thoughts, after all isn't that why they call me the only female professor in our village. Please accept my apology if your mind assumed I was an actual professor. The name came to stick because (allow me to blow my trumpet a little), i am very outspoken. Apart from my Class three education , I do not know any other formal education. I don't want to dwell much on me, it wasn't my day.

These women are a representation of our society, they are the mirror that envisions the kind of society we live in. At the end of that meeting, I concluded that: in a society like this, it is better not to have friends. Well, enough catching up for one day, see you when the ants decide that the term colony is not good for the development and progress of us all. If not, then maybe never.