There are so many good netflix series and today i am going to give you some of them and you just NEED to watch them omg


i just love this serie and the cast is soooo amazing like omg

derek, jackson, and teen wolf image

Vampire diaries

This is actually one of the first series i was totally fangirling on. I cried so many times while watching this serie and i think this is seriously one of the best series i have ever watched!!!

Logo, the vampire diaries, and tvd image

Gossip girl

Also one of the best series ever. It is a funny serie but sometimes I cried so hard and yeah idk the cast is so amazing and the serie is so good and yeah you just need to watch it haha.

gossip girl, blair, and chuck bass image


This serie is kinda new ,not very new but okay haha. Also this cast is so amazing and the serie is so good and i just love this one.

riverdale, kj apa, and cole sprouse image


this serie is new on netflix and sometimes it is so funny but sometimes kinda sad but i like it a lot sooo yeahhh.

atypical image

see ya