Last year I went through my first breakup when my boyfriend quit.

Everyone who went through one knows how terrible it is.
You feel unwanted, unloved and as if you will never be happy again.
There are different stages you go through.
At first I did not believe it really happened. Then when I realized it was real I was crying all the time. I thought nobody could understand me or help me.
It felt never ending.
After that my sadness turned into hate. I was so angry because of the way he treated me.
And that is okay. You have to go through these stages and let these feelings happen. Finally I can promise you, if you go through a breakup at the moment you will get other it. Maybe it takes time but in the end everything will be okay.

Tips that helped me:
1. Listen to music
2. Talk to family and friends
3. Move on and try not to lay in bed all day
4. Try new things or restart doing things you did before the relationship
5. Throw things away which makes you think of him/her
6. Change your room decor or something like that to symbolise a new start

These are my experiences and thoughts about breakups. Sharing these with you I hope I can help some of you or remind myself in case of a next breakup that it will end and I will be happy again. Because I am.