I know what you are going to say. I dont know you. But look, look what I have for you. I have a letter with words that you should already know, and surely you know. But we all forget.
Have you noticed already?
Life is short, too much to live frightened. Forget the one who will say, forget the comments, do what you like, live your way, do not grow fast. This youth is obsessed with acting like adults and pretending that childhood is a bad thing, embarrassing, but that only makes them look like babies.
Do not make yourself bored because everyone is, think for yourself, do what makes you happy even if it seems stupid to others. Live and let live, be young, wild, free.
Do not follow the masses if you do not think it's a good idea, do not get carried away by fashions, do what you think necessary, travel, make friends, laugh, fall in love, get hurt, come back from that, heal, live your story.
Be so happy that when you are old you can say, "I do not regret anything, I did everything I wanted"
Smile. Make people smile.
Because you do not deserve to be sad, you've been for a long time.
You are strong, it is amazing how you have changed, and I know you needed to read these words.
I trust in you, I trust that you will be able to do what you propose. Trust in yourself.