Hi my dear! Yeah I'm talking to YOU. You opened this article with lots of hopes and one of them is to forget him. It depends on you and lets say also from me because I'm motivating you on this way!

Take a deep breath and scroll down!

Write every single memory about him and get rid of it!

Just take a piece of paper and write everything that has a connection to him for instance about your feelings or how you felt next to him! Take a scissor and cut the paper in lots of pieces. You'll feel better and you'll start with a new life and a paper! ;)

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Run in order to forget and stay healthy!

Take your headphones and your mobile phone and start running! You'll focus on your breath and on your heartbeat! You'll never think about him because you're busy with controlling your breath!
Instead of staying at home and having a date with a chocolate it's way more better if you walk or run for a dreambosy!

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Spend time with your best friend!

If you don't feel good, just contact your best friend and meet her. It feels so good talking to someone who knows you better than you and understands you immediately! Your best friend wouldn't let you think that much about nothing!

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Be and stay busy!

Focus on your family, school and your dream! I mean it's only a boy and I'm sure you'll find the better one in the future! Stay positiv and follow your dreams. Spend your time with your family or just talk to them! It feels really good. You have to be busy so you don't have any time left for your thoughts!

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Be successful

Forget him and do your best in order to be successful and make everyone proud! I'm sure he'll understand his mistakes and come back to you but it's already late for him! :)

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That's it for now. Girl you can do it! I'm believing in you! Have a sweet and nice day!