It’s that time of the year that people around the world have gone back to school. And every year, for one group of students it’s their final year. Are you in that group? You know, the one that walks around stressed and worrying about finals and exams before the year has even properly started. Well, if you are, put your books down for a second and listen. Don’t worry, your grades aren’t gonna drop because of that. It’ll just take a minute.

Firstly, I know you’re stressed, I know you’re scared and nervous. But one thing to remember, it’s gonna be alright, things have a macigal way of working out when you put in the effort. Effort, yes, you need to work for it, things in this world mostly aren’t handed to you on a golden plate unless you do something about it BUT do you work your best when you’re overly stressed, tired and constantly worrying? If so, tell me how, I want to learn too. The truth is that most people don’t work well under enourmous amounts of stress, your brain gets all mushy and it’s harder to remember things because there’s so much to remember and yada yada yada. Well, all organizing and work aside, I’m here to tell you something: SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO BE SELFISH AND RELAX.

close those books, put them away and just empty your brain from all the things school and exams. Go for a run, draw, take pictures, watch series (one episode people, ONE), go get a massage, meet your friends who probably are worried sick for you because you’ve been buried beneath those books for weeks or maybe even months. Do whatever makes you happy, what ever lets you relax and forget about the stress and don’t feel quilty about it. You know why? Because your brain can’t work on it’s best behaviour for extended periods of time. It needs a break so it can process all the information it gets.

”You’re stressed, we all get it.” That’s what you might hear from your peers who a) aren’t going through the same thing and/or b) have their own things to worry about. They might not say it to your face, but you might see them rolling their eyes or sighing when you complain or mention how stressed you are. Now, it’s alright to be stressed, and it’s alright to want to talk about it. But the truth is, people have their own worries, and when you have your own worries and then your friends have their worries and you’re all complaining it actually stresses you out even more, because you probably want to help your friend, but then you have so much to worry on your own that it just all gets too much. That’s what your friends are most likely gonna feel like as well. So grab your trusted buddy for a cup of coffee. Talk your worries over and then let it be. Move on to happy things.

That’s right, simple, just breathe. You’re going to be alright. You’re going to make it. You’re not gonna die. You’re gonna have a bright future doing exactly what you’re supposed to do. And some day you can tell someone else that EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.