Since WHI introduced articles, many hearters have written wonderful articles. In this article, I collected five hearters who write amazing articles and I linked their collection right down below so you can check them out right away and read their articles :)

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She writes wonderful short stories that create movies in my mind and I love them so much, honestly. Also, she adds fitting "aesthetic" images and short playlists to her stories that turn each text into an amazing, lovely article. I wish everybody on WHI would read her stories, they are so beautiful!

Her poems are so heartbraking and beautiful and I really hope she will write and post more poems in the future, but the few that she has published so far are absolutely astonishing!

She has great school advice articles and she currently is doing a 30 day "get to know me" challenge (with I maybe will join soon hehe) which is really interesting and entertaining to read. I love her writing style and I hope she will publish more articles soon :)

I know this article is about writers but she also is SUCH a great photographer. Her whole account is so inspiring and I'm so happy that I discovered her!! Also, her articles are really great, even though she didn't post that many so far. I love reading them and she has a really nice style of writing. (She even mentioned one of my collections in one of her articles! :))

Her articles are so cool! The articles about beauty are helpful and well written and I really enjoy reading them. As most new writers on WHI, she didn't post many articles so far but I'm sure she'll post more of her amazing articles in the next weeks! <3

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any suggestions for future articles or want to be featured in articles similar to this one, write me a postcard :)

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