my last article was about how sad i was and depressed
i was hopeless
now some days are over
i have a new perspective
i am still not happy and i think i will never be if nobody would help me
but now my hope is back
it is a little bit back
i still listen sad music and feel alone
but i still pray to god and i stil think he will be my surviver
i hope he will be my sunrise
i hope he will be my spring with new oppertunities
right now i am hopefull
i do not know how long
but at the moment i am

if you feel the same and need somebody to talk to, just somebody who will listen to your problems and your pain, contact me through my instagram account. you find the link in my bio. trust me. i am there for you. you do not have to fix your problems alone. i will help you. i promise cause i know how it is to feel alone...