Hello everyone! So also i will want something from you.It means so much to me,and if you do it i will become really happy and it will help me.
I am currently studying fashion in school and when i finish it,after going to finish university too,i will become a stylist.
People tell me "i like your style" and stuff like that and it made me so happy because they belived in me.I am really happy about that.So here is the thing i want from you is,

I open a new account on Polyvore and i need some friends in there.If you don't know what Polyvore is,it is a website where you can create fashion,home or beauty sets.Users on Polyvore can like your combine sets and maybe you get really good at it and win a award/gift.
So if you have a account,follow me and i will follow you too and we can be friends.And if you like fashion and wanna be stylist too,it is really helpful.:)

my username is elyvienct