Although scientists predict that people might be able to live in Mars one day, right now they can’t. This is why we need to take action to save our planet. Not long time ago the world was shocked by the flood that happened in Houston, Texas. Now there’s an earthquake/tsunami in Mexico and a hurricane. While it is true that humanity is concerned about the situation, not many people thought about changing their lifestyle. Here are a few super EASY tips on how YOU can become a HERO:

1.Replace plastic bags with long lasting biodegradable ones

Plastic bags may seem harmless and they are to humans, but to animals they are threatening. Wild creatures often confuse plastic bags with food, ingest it and therefore die. As if that is not enough, after the dead animal decomposes, the plastic bag remains intact which means another animal might ingest it again.

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2.Save water

Yes, we will never run out of water BUT nearly 97% of it is salty or undrinkable. When humans deplete all fresh water lakes, rivers and underground aquifers only ocean water will be left. Ocean water is very expensive to desalinate.

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3.Choose a bike

The cars emit the greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide which contribute in global warming. Also, they cause pollution which leads to the acid rain that is harmful for animals AND humans. A bike will not only be eco-friendly but it will also help you be healthier.

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4.Turn off the light

When you turn off the lights not only are you saving energy but money aswell. It only takes a second to become environmentally conscious.

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