This may sound lame, but I'm nothing more than a teenage girl with random issues.I read though. A LOT!!! And I may write sometimes. I tried to write some fan fiction before, but it ended with me writing random scene's that never seemed to end and always started with the character fainting and waking up in a random hospital room, DON'T ASK!

SO, If you're somehow keen on knowing what the hell I'm trying to post here, then stick around!! I might amuse you.

Here's what you can expect from me:

1) POEMS: usually I don't write much (except for when I'm depressed) but I may post some poems that I like.

2) BOOKQUOTES/REVIEWS: As I've mentioned before I quite read a lot, so I tend to write reviews.Not that my opinion would make a difference but I'd rather spill my words on paper than keep them soaring around in my head.

3) PICTURES: WARNING you might find yourself looking at random pictures that I take. I don't travel so all the pic's would humbly be taken either in my hometown or in my home. And I can't afford a high-tec camera, so all the photos will be shot using my lovely trust worthy phone (yeah.... I'm not a pro)

4) FANDOM RELATED STUFF: I'm multi fandomed (who isn't ) so my posts are most likely to be " Harry Potter, Supernatural, maze runner, shadowhunters, Divergent, Twilight, Hunger Games,... " related.

  • I might as well post in Arabic sometimes or in Russian *