I looked into your eyes first day I fantasised
you had pushed me up against a wall and grew on my appetite
my lust grew on vines with thorns for you
but I never knew if this love was really true.

I grinned wickedly, and said this is the one,
love is dangerous, like the trigger on a gun.
I grabbed a rose and wilted the petals
giving into the sin, I felt so unsettled

I was blinded by your art
and so inclined to your heart,
got attracted to your cold blue eyes,
overlooking your pathetic lies,
but didn't get the love I deserve
you never really listened, I felt unheard.
So I gave up, and put a crown on my head
said I can give myself all the love
without your help.

And now I’m reigning queen,
sitting on my throne,
sitting all alone.
ready to break some bones.
Like a girl boss,
I take my time,
counting each and every moment
you committed a crime

So watch me from below,
the staircase to my throne,
there is nothing you can do now its to late
you should know.
I loved you once, and I loved you twice
can’t do no more, gotta pay the price.
So get ready to cry for what you’ve done
my love for you has just begun.

By Chiko