she's on the corner of the room,

she has a drink on her hand,
it's almost empty.

she can't take her eyes off of the two bodies,

she can see their lips connecting,
moving against each other.

and she sighs, 'cause she knows how thos lips taste,
and she misses them.

those strawberry lips that used to be hers,
that used to feel in her body every night.

those hands that are touching somebody's else's neck...
she can still feel those fingers running through her wwaist,
through her whole body.

and she drinks up all the liquid that was in her glass,
hoping that would bring her oblivion.

hoping that next morning she will wake up,
next to an empty bed,
next to an empty sheets.

and she will lie there,

because she knows the body that used to lie next to her,
belongs to another soul.

and she will feel the emptiness,
where her heart was supposed to be.

but she doesn't owns her heart anymore,
he does.

and he keeps it locked inside a box,
which he only has the key to opne.

and he will never set it free,
so she knows she will never get it back.