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Hello Hearters,

Wonder how to make this gorgeous looking & just as delicious cake? Then read on! ;)

I N G R E D I E N T S:

✧ 400g grounded biscuits
✧ 150g melted butter
✧ 100ml orange juice
✧ 500g cream / whipped cream
✧ hazelnut chocolate spread (nutella)
✧ peanut butter
✧dark chocolate


Simple mix togehter grounded biscuit, melted butter & orange juice. You'll get the base which you simple put in your pan and shape it properly.


Mix together the cream or whipped cream, slowly add hazelnut chocolate spread (nutella), and then slowly again add peanut butter & melted dark chocolate. You need to to this extra slowly and carefully, 'so that you wouldn't whisk it in a single colored cream. You really need to trust your gut about making this.

This would be all. Hope you'll find this recipe easy and tasty.

Have a great day, XO, J