There are a veritable cornucopia of reasons that cause us to suffer from a crippling lack of motivation. And that, obviously, can have a detrimental impact on our schooling, work and life in general.

But as I see it, there is ONE cure (though it takes different forms): Passion. Most of the time, you have to genuinely love what you're doing- or convince yourself that what you're doing is best path to your goal, and will make you happy in the long run.

It's all in the way you're thinking about it.

Eg. I love my degree! I love learning and I even secretly (or not so secretly now) like taking notes and answering questions on the content. I love learning French, I love Politics, and I love University.

But I hate deadlines.

This hate of deadlines probably spawned from a mix of laziness and my crazy anxiety. So despite liking the work, I put off actually doing it until the last minute and then panic and work at all costs to ensure its done on time - which of course, takes ALL the fun out of it!

For me, the fix probably involves a multi-pronged use of the passion cure:

1) Have a healthy awareness of the deadlines (you don't want to miss them), but don't let them rule you - its not the end of the world even if you happen to miss one (and with me, thats quite the slim chance). So start actually doing your coursework when you DON'T feel a pressing need to! Its EASIER to lie in bed on your phone, but wayyyyy less satisfying.

2) Remember that you do love what you're doing! Even if that involves developing a mantra for yourself and habitually repeating it. It's honestly so easy to while away the days doing things that you aren't even that interested in, and our time isn't limitless! Remember your goals - remember why you have them - connect them to you.

When mental health is thrown into the mix, rather than just laziness, it's definitely not easy, but in cases like mine, it really is mind over matter.

Good Luck xx